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Understanding Commercial Cleaning Contracts


Owners of both small and large commercial offices are starting to place more value on the cleanliness of their office space, identifying it as an essential service rather than just a one-off luxury.

There are many smaller businesses operating in industries where cleanliness is not paramount. However, as industry competition increases, so does the need to set a higher bar and provide a point of difference and having an exceptionally clean office space can go a long way to achieving this. Clients, customers and employees are all too aware when they're in the presence of an office space lacking in cleanliness.


cleaning commercial buildings

Some businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, are forced to maintain clean premises to ensure specific standards are adhered to. Falling short of this can be the difference between operating a successful business and being forced to close your doors.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the growing demand for commercial cleaning is greater numbers of business owners acknowledging the importance of ensuring a cleaner and healthier working environment. This tends to lead to fewer sick days taken by employees, meaning greater productivity, as well as a more pleasant working environment, which goes a long way to helping to ensure job satisfaction.


Regular office cleaning

The growing importance of clean offices among businesses has led to an increase in the demand for commercial cleaning services, and in particular cleaning contracts.


What is a commercial cleaning contract & how can one benefit me?


A commercial cleaning contract typically involves cleaning and time specifications that are customised to suit you the business owner. Before you decide to sign up for contractual commercial cleaning services, you'll need to decide what level of cleanliness you require, what cleaning will allow this to be achieved and how often it'll need to be carried out to ensure this is maintained. This will ultimately determine the cost of your cleaning contract.


Most businesses who have their businesses cleaned on a contractual basis, will often request the cleaning of carpets, windows, meeting rooms and kitchens and almost always include surfaces such as door handles, telephones and other office equipment where bacteria tend to thrive.


If you are looking for a commercial cleaning business in Tauranga to provide your office space, medical centre, retail store, bank, church or retirement village with the highest level of cleanliness, then get in touch with Tauranga Professional Cleaners Group. They ensure that cleaning of your business space is carried out by the same people and provide a consistent and reliable service.    

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