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Vinyl is a popular flooring material for many commercial businesses.  It does however, need periodic treatments to keep it looking its best. Without correct maintenance, floors will lose their sheen, discolour and be prone to damage.  


We offer a range of commercial vinyl floor cleaning services in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui and can develop a cleaning programme fit for your business.


These are our most popular commercial vinyl floor cleaning services.

Polished vinyl flooring

Strip, Seal & Polish


Typically, commercial vinyl floors are stripped once a year, dependent on the quantity and type of traffic coming through your premises.


The floor treatment will completely remove all surface build up, including the polish and sealant layers. Once stripped, the vinyl will be restored to its orginal state, and then refinished. 


You will notice a significant difference in the appearance of your vinyl and its working life will be extended.





Clean vinyl floor

Scrub & Buff


When the regular daily cleaning operations are not getting your floor clean, we recommend scrubbing and buffing the floor.  Mopping of floors can only lift so much.


The floor treatment will remove build up of dirt, oils, marks and scratches.



Buffing flooring



Buffing is used to pick up the sheen or gloss of the floor.


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