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Clean and hygienic


As one of Tauranga Professional Cleaners Group valued clients, here's what you can expect ...


You will be assigned a dedicated Supervisor and team to your contract - this is irrespective of the size of your premises.  For quality, security, health and safety reasons, we have at least two people on every single commercial cleaning job, no matter how small.

You will not experience a 'revolving door' of different cleaners visiting your premises.  Most cleaning companies have high labour turnover, with cleaners being paid the legal minimum and not treated fairly.  We pay competitively and treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves - with respect.  This means we retain reliable staff with years of commercial cleaning experience.

You will be allocated sufficient time for your premises to be cleaned to a quality standard.  We want happy customers!  Many cleaning companies deliberately under-estimate the time taken to clean the premises to 'win the contract'.  Clients are faced with quotations and are led to believe that they are getting the same clean, however are being allocated less time to carry out the clean.


Your cleaning team are paid for the total time required to clean your premises to a quality standard.  Many cleaning companies pay their cleaners for a set time on the contract, often under-estimated.  This practice discourages the cleaner to spend more than the allotted time irrespective of whether the clean is completed thoroughly.  Ask any of our staff who will vouch for the way we work.



You will be cleaned by trustworthy staff.  We appreciate that there is a certain amount of trust involved in giving us access to your workplace out of hours.  We can confidently guarantee you peace of mind with our trustworthy staff and reliable security practices.  We are very thorough in our selection processes including police and previous employer checks.  And we treat our employees well.  In short, we take good care of our staff so they can take good care of you.

You will be provided with a reliable and consistent quality service.  We are not a franchise - we would never look to outsource our business and risk that quality - and we are not a one man band with no support structure. We put alot of effort into understanding your unique commercial cleaning needs and we leave nothing to chance.  We put in place many checks to ensure we provide a quality service - good quality staff who are trained properly, a dedicated Supervisor for each contract, sufficient time to clean the premises and weekly meetings with Supervisors, at which we discuss each contract and team performance.  We also ask you how we are performing on a regular basis and act upon all feedback received.




We are a pleasure to deal with!  Coming from very customer focused backgrounds, we see no benefit in getting defensive to any feedback received.  We will check out any issues raised and resolve them quickly and efficiently.  We are contactable 24/7 and have the flexibility to be able to respond at short notice.  Ethical business is important to us.  We deal honestly and fairly with our clients and staff alike.  We have extensive customer service and HR experience and it's fair to say that communication is our strong suit.  Ask our current clients  and staff who can vouch for the way we work.

We take security very seriously.  We take key and alarm code handling and the security of premises very seriously.  With at least 2 people on every contract, there is always someone to lock up and someone to witness and double check all security measures.  Our cleaning team are briefed on client confidentiality and clauses built into all employee's contracts.

Our Company culture is both positive and supportive - we truly value customer service, teamwork, respect of each other and success through continuous improvement.  These values are fundamental to the way we operate.

We have Public Liability Insurance to cover any loss attributable to the Company.




We comply with all statutory laws and obligations - placing much emphasis on Health & Safety practices.


CLICK HERE to arrange your Free Workplace Assessment and Obligation Free Quote. 

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