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Our clients expect high standards of cleaning and our team take great pride in delivering a reliable and consistent qiuality service.   Unlike many of our competitors, we allocate sufficient time to clean & pay cleaners until the job is completed thoroughly.  Our culture is positive & supportive - we believe in taking care of our staff, our dedicated and trustworthy in turn take care of our clients.  We are always on the lookout for new talent to help us grow our business and continue to improve the service we offer.


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Commercial Cleaning Tauranga
Commercial Cleaning Tauranga

Understanding Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Jane Doble


Owners of both small and large commercial offices are starting to place more value on the cleanliness of their office space, identifying it as an essential service rather than just a one-off luxury.

There are many smaller businesses operating in industries where cleanliness is not paramount. However, as industry competition increases, so does the need to set a higher bar and provide a point of difference and having an exceptionally clean office space can go a long way to achieving this. Clients, customers and employees are all too aware when they're in the presence of an office space lacking in cleanliness.


Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Company

Jane Doble


Nearly all offices in Tauranga have specific regulations regarding health and sanitation. So what are the prerequisites of a quality office cleaner?


There are several characteristics that make for a quality and professional Tauranga cleaner. As a business owner, you want to know that if you are paying good money once a week or fortnight, that you're getting maximum benefit and value for your investment. 

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