Deep Extraction Cleaning


Deep extraction cleaning will clean your carpets thoroughly and will make a big difference to appearance, health and hygiene.


The commercial carpet cleaning process will remove some of the primary sources of disease and allergies in the workplace.


Regular commercial carpet cleaning will lift the presentation of your business instantly.  Carpets, in particular, take a battering from daily wear.  Grit, odours and stains are unavoidable.  Allergens, dust and fungi build up in the carpet over time and can often lead to hygiene issues.


We offer a range of commercial carpet cleaning services in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui and can develop a cleaning programme fit for your business.



Planned In-Between Maintenance Cleaning


Regular maintenance will significantly improve the look  of your flooring and prolong the life of your carpets.


Frequency of commercial carpet cleaning will largely depend on the quantity and type of traffic coming through your premises.

Carpet Protection


Most carpets have a protector applied when bought and laid.  With normal use, the protector will wear off.


We are able to re-apply a protector to your carpet after cleaning which will help you to protect your carpet from staining and spillages.

Periodic Spot Removal


When customers or clients visit your premises, they may not consciously notice how clean your carpets are, however, they will notice the marks and spots.  By including spot removal in your maintenance programme, you will save money and maintain the professional image your customers and clients have come to expect.

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