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Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Company


Nearly all offices in Tauranga have specific regulations regarding health and sanitation. So what are the prerequisites of a quality office cleaner?

There are several characteristics that make for a quality and professional Tauranga cleaner. As a business owner, you want to know that if you are paying good money once a week or fortnight, that you're getting maximum benefit and value for your investment.

Floor cleaning



In terms of efficiency,  a cleaning company should clean thoroughly and at a steady pace. For office cleaning companies, it's in their best interests to move fast being that it allows time for the cleaning of premises of other clients. It's important that a cleaner moves from point A to point B in the office without hesitation or delay. Knowing what equipment to use is essential, as is the efficiency and manner in which a cleaner moves around office furniture and other obstacles to clean without causing disturbance. The last thing a business owner and his or her staff want is to find that things are not as they were prior to the office clean.

Reliability & Consistency

If you have signed up for a cleaning contract then you'll want to know that your cleaners are going to turn up when they're scheduled and take the same amount of time to carry out their cleaning duties each time. A business owner also looks for consistency and one of the biggest challenges is finding a  Tauranga cleaner that doesn't possess the unwanted 'revolving door' issue. By this, I mean having different cleaners turning up at premises. It can take a few cleans to reach a customer's exact expectations and by having different staff, you risk the likelihood of falling short of a customer's expectations. Having different staff turn up each week or fortnight also lowers your level of professionalism in the eyes of the customer.


There are various ways of demonstrating professionalism within a cleaning company. This starts off with the standard of initial communication and consultation and carries right through to other fundamentals such as having a clean and professional uniform, driving a modern, well branded vehicle, having trustworthy staff who are friendly and astute, having public liability insurance and having quality and perhaps even eco-cleaning products.

Be sure to check out an office cleaning company's website and/or ask the right questions of them before signing up for a cleaning contract.

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